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On 28 November, 1957, the Executive Committee of the Provincial Government of Transvaal approved the establishment of an Afrikaans- medium school in the Koedoespoort area of the Moot. This decision would influence the lives of thousands of children for decades to come.

Many locations were considered before the building of the school could begin and many obstacles had to be taken into consideration, like student safety and the busy Hardy- Muller Circle, construction difficulties and an old cemetery. The final area, as we know it today, allocated to the school was only finalized in 1966, when the area where the tennis courts are located was donated by South African Railways.

On the 30th of June, 1961, eight staff members reported for duty at Hoërskool Koedoespoort, under leadership of Mr. J.P. Malan, the acting principal. The planned school building, however, was not yet completed and the school was without a coat of arms, anthem or official colours.

Name Change and Coat of Arms Update

Hoërskool Staatspresident C.R. Swart

On 23 January, 1962, the school was informed that its name would change to the full office title, initials and surname of the first president of the Republic of South Africa. With permission of Mr. C.R. Swart, the shield of the Swart family’s coat of arms was incorporated into the school’s new coat of arms, which was officially registered in August, 1962.

The Legacy of Charles Roberts Swart at a South African School.

On the 25 th of October, 1962, the State President visited the school, which was named after him, for the first time. This was the beginning of a very personal relationship between him and the school. He also donated a chèque for R100.

On the 30 th of October, 1965, staff and students entered the new premises of the school, located next to Kamasis Street, right across Fry Street. Mr. C.R. Swart also attended for the revealing of the commemorative plaque. 750 parents and 550 learners attended the ceremony.

For the staff members and students it was an immense honour to wear the name of Charles Roberts Swart. Up until his death, he maintained very close contact with the school. He was a tall, dignified and humble man who cared for the youth and their education.

Oom Blackie’s words still inspires us today. “Do more than your duty” and “what is worth doing, is worth doing” have found a place in the hearts of staff and students. We bring tribute to him in the words of our school anthem:

“Ons dra die naam van C.R. Swart met trots en eerbied in ons hart.”

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