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Meet the dedicated team of educators at Hoërskool Staatspresident C.R. Swart. Our staff page features a directory of all our highly qualified and experienced teachers, administrators, and support staff. From subject specialists to school leaders, our staff are committed to providing a supportive and enriching learning environment for our students.


Ms. H Moolman

Ms. A Wayland


Ms. C Mynhardt

Ms. C Macrow

Ms. M Blake

Ms. B April

Afrikaans First Additional Language

Ms. PG Bosman

Ms. EM Coetzee

Ms. A Furstenberg

Ms. K Nel

Ms. CE Verster

Ms. C van Rooyen

Ms. A Swanepoel

Ms. E Van Huyssteen

Mr. C Ortell

Business Studies

Ms. T Molefe

Mr. W Mnguni

Ms. Nkabinde-Moufe


Mr. SJM De Klerk

Ms. J Heymans

Ms. S Theron

Ms T Ramatsoku


Mr. A Buitendag

Consumer Studies

Ms. A Bester

Deputy Principals

Ms. EC Cilliers

Mr. KK Moses

Dramatic Arts

Ms. A Breytenbach


Mr. GDJ Bester


Ms. I Meyer

Ms. HD Moolman

Ms. A Wayland

Ms. Nkabinde-Moufe


Mrs. I Meyer


Ms. T Pretorius

Ms. I Allen

Ms. S Malherbe

Ms. M Motaung

Ms. F Johnson

Ms. T Marshall

Ms. B Patrick

Ms. D Johnson

Ms. C Joubert


Ms. T Marais

Ms. S Smit


Mr. WI Horrell

Head of Departments

Mr. GDJ Bester - Technology, EGD

Ms. Y De Beer - Sciences (Acting)

Ms. M Stanton - Consumer, Hospitality and Arts

Ms. K Nel - Afrikaans FAL

Ms. T Pretorius - LO & English HL (Gr8-9)

Mr. M Van Heerden - History, Social Sciences & LO PET

Mr. N Basson - CAT & IT

Ms. R van der Walt - Mathematics

Ms. I Meyer - Commerce

Ms. I Allen - LO & English HL (Gr10-12)


Mr. M van Heerden

Hospitality Studies

Ms. A Bester

Ms. M Stanton

Ms. L Sello

Information Technology

Mr. N Basson

Life Orientation

Mr. M Van Heerden

Mr. M Malan

Ms. D Malan

Ms. T Molefe

Ms. S De Klerk

Ms. D Johnson

Ms. L Nkabinde-Moufe

Ms. E Van Huyssteen

Mr. E Leyds

Ms. L Sello

Life Sciences

Ms. L Cilliers

Mr. K Moses

Ms. G Smith

Ms. Y De Beer

Mathematical Literacy

Ms. R Van der Walt

Ms. H Mukwevho

Mr. F Randalls

Ms. T Ngwenya

Ms. M Pretorius

Ms. V Brewis


Ms. R Van Der Walt

Mr. S Mahlangu

Ms. V Bewis

Mr. A Minnie

Ms. K April

Mr. F Randalls

Ms. T Ngwenya

Physical & Natural Science

Ms. R Van Der Walt

Ms. O Molwele

Mr. N Chauke


Ms. S Theron


Ms. H Ellemdeen

Ms. E Fourie

Social Science

Ms. G Du Plessis

Mr. E Leyds

Mr. M Van Heerden

Ms. D Chelopo

Social Support Team

Ms. H Elemdeen (Counceling Psycologist)

Ms. E Fourie (Social Worker)

Ms. P Matabane (Social Worker)


Mr. GDJ Bester

Ms. H Mukwevho

Ms. T Ramatsoku

Mr. S De Klerk


Ms. N Gerber

Ms. D Chelopo

Ms. M Stanton

Mr. E Leyds

Visual Arts

Ms. K Sassman

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